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Lending Club Welcomes Texas!

Lending Club now offers investments to lenders in Texas, according to some new updates. This means that if you are in Texas you can now invest in loans on the website. I think this is great news because it opens up a new avenue for investors who...

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Swagbucks Referral Links!!

It is that time again..where I put out feelers for those who are interested in Swagbucks! Remember Swagbucks is that online portal that allows you to earn gift cards for a number of different activities. When you sign up and are ready to earn you can: -take surveys -do your shopping via their portal to other sites -watch videos -play games -take part in contests -give...

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BassBuds Earbuds Review

I received a set of BassBuds ear buds and decided to give you guys a review of how they worked for me. I was given a white set but the ear buds  are available in a variety of colors like Pink Green Red Gold Black and a few other assorted colors and also white if that is what you like. You need to check the website often because certain colors sell out faster than others but...

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Lending Club Update: April 2012

It is once again time to check in on my Lending Club loans and tell you how my investment is doing. I currently have a total of 83 loans and they are doing quite well. I was originally a borrower at Lending Club and after a good experience I...

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Get $50 Bonus From ING When You Open An IRA In 2012

If you have not already opened an Individual Retirement Account or IRA you now have a chance to get an extra $50 by simply opening a new account with ING. All you have to do is go to and open your new account with $500 before 31 January 2012. Once your account is open and funded then you will receive the bonus by 16 February 2012. Of course this bonus will...

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A Simple & Free Way to Earn Cash From Home (Guest Post)

Many people would love to earn some extra cash from home however some opportunities can be a bit difficult to implement. A lot of people want to start with an opportunity that is easy to do and doesn’t require any special skills.   One online opportunity that appeals to these types of people are online surveys.   This opportunity is actually one of the...

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MyPoints Introduces Bonus $20 Gift Card For Online Shopping

Those of us who use MyPoints (hit me up for a referral!!!!) on a regular basis will be pleased to note that this year they have introduced something new as a way to encourage users to use the site. It is called ‘My Shopping Tally’ and it lets you get a $20 gift card bonus if you make 10 purchases from the site until December 31st this year. This means you can get...

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Join PineCone Research

One of the ways to save money that I talk about is actually a way to make more money. PineCone Research is looking for new members to take surveys and test products and earn money. All you have to do is sign up and they will send you short surveys to fill out and then you can earn cash for your efforts. They pay by check but the surveys take about 5 to 10 minutes and are very...

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Get Your PineCone Referrals Here!

PineCone Research is looking for more people to do paid surveys and I have been given some referrals to hand out. PineCone is simple to use, they send you an email with a link to a survey which lasts from about 1 to 5 minutes. You get paid for every survey you do via PayPal. Right now I have only been getting the $3 surveys but for clicking responses for about 1 to 1.5...

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