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I was speaking to a coworker when she asked if I wanted to make some
extra money. I was excited at the thought of more money but still a bit hesitant, so I asked what she was referring to.
She said there was a training session that I could attend and get paid for going.

She then told me the name of the training, which was
something that I had just attended over the summer, so I told her that
I had already gone. Now this coworker is one of those people who like
to feel important and feel that they have introduced you to something
new and spectacular. Her face immediately fell when I announced that I
had already gotten the training.

She did end up getting the last
word in because she said “Oh well you only got $X for it while I got $Y
(1.67 times more than what I got paid) because they paid more when I
did it.

Now was it REALLY NECESSARY for her to tell me that? I don’t think so but she really wanted to get the last word in. This was, in her eyes, a missed opportunity for me since she got paid more for attending the same workshop that I did.

The funny thing is that I was still in school when she did it….so I could not have attended anyway….because I never thought that I would end up teaching.

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