I am so STUPID!!! I was feeling too sick to carry the laptop home like we are supposed to every day. I decided to leave mine in my desk..and over the weekend the school was broken into and the laptop was stolen.

The thieves also made off with ALL the student laptops which are kept in locked cabinets…by bending the doors of the cabinets.

One other laptop belonging to a staff member was also stolen out of a desk. The reason I feel so stupid is twofold:

1. It will cost me $200

2. We had been sent an email about using our security cables when we were leaving the laptops at work.

I could have used the cable to secure the laptop to the desk and that might have deterred the thieves. The thing is that I was just too lazy because it is not easy to find a way to secure my laptop to my desk because the handles are awkwardly placed.

The school has insurance that covers the laptop…but there is a $200 fee to staff who get their laptops stolen out of negligence.

I was OBVIOUSLY negligent since there was a prior breakin that we were told about and I could have

1. taken the laptop home or

2. used the cable, awkward as it might have been.

It might have taken me about 5 minutes to find a way to secure the computer to the desk but I did not feel good so I did not want to take the time. I also did not want to carry the laptop because it is bulky and heavy.

I feel so stupid and although the principal told me not to worry about it I have no idea if she is thinking I am a big old dumb@$$ for leaving my computer unsecured over the weekend.

Have you ever done something STUPID like this that not only cost your company money, cost you money AND made you feel stupid?