I just received an offer from one of my credit cards to get 0% interest on balance transfers up til July 2008 an then 6.99 fixed interest rate for the life of the balance. This will save me quite a bit in interest because the cards that I will be transferring from have significantly higher interest rates than this one.
In order to take advantage of this offer I need to have all the balances transferred by March 9th. This is a fabulous opportunity for me to get some lower interest even though there is a 3% transfer fee associated with this offer.

The negative thing is that I only have $200 available credit on this card because it is my lowest interest card and I had used it earlier to take advantage of a similar offer.

So I decided to call up the company and ask for a credit limit increase and I also explained to them why I wanted the increase. I went on and on about how this is my best card (it really is) in terms of being easy to use and having a low rate.

I explained that I was not using the limit increase to go shopping but rather to consolidate my credit cards to make my finances more manageable. Hey it worked one time before so I hope it works again.

I have been really good with this card…..as with all the others in terms of making my payments on time and I make more than the minimum payments.

I hope the credit limit increase goes through so that I can get started with those transfers and get that debt down.