Well so far it has not been too bad not having my car to use when I want. As I may have mentioned before I gave honey the car since he had to move.

It is easier for me to get to school and work without the car than it would be for him to get to work without it.

I can take the bus to the university and since I work here I am always able to catch the bus when it is running.

I did miss the bus today but I was able to catch a ride with someone who was coming to class so it all worked out. I would only have been about 10 minutes late for work if I had to wait for the next bus so I was not too worried about missing.

I do have this workshop thing to go to tonight but I was able to get a ride with a friend so again things are working out.

Honey was supposed to come up here at the end of the month so I could go grocery shopping but we had to change plans so I am going to have to ask someone to take me when my stuff runs out.

Not having the car at my whim is making me more disciplined about getting up and getting ready for work or school because I have to be ready or I will miss the bus.

I am also finding myself monitoring the items I have at home more closely because I am not able to just jump in the car and run off to WalMart at any hour of the day.

So all in all…..so far…being without the car is improving me and my daily actions. Plus I am saving money by not having to pay for gas. (the bus to and from school is free for us).