I wonder if I can classify the title as an oxymoron…….Anyways! I am getting very close to achieving one of my debt reduction goals quite soon. I have a loan that I have been paying on diligently every month for a while now and it is now down to about $500. The monthly payment is $101.72 but I have been paying between $115 and $130, depending on how the income for the month goes. I just had a $120 payment shot off to that loan in the last few days and it is due on the 7th of this month.

The exciting thing, well for me anyway, is that I have enough money in the little savings accounts that I have been dripping money into. I have raided the PayPal account and the Emigrant account where I was putting $2, $5, $10 or whatever I could from a percentage of what I made through PayPerPost and CashDuck and the like. I transferred this money over to the Wells Fargo account and when the regular loan payment posts on the 7th I will take my check book and march over to the bank and write out a check for the balance of the loan.

I am saying this assuming that everything else remains the same so that I do not have to spend the money on something else. I will be soooooooooooooo relieved when I can go in there and close out that account and be done with it for good!!! The timing is great because on Friday the 8th I do not have school so I can go over there at a leisurely pace and then do a little happy dance in the bank lobby. I know that after the regular payment the loan amount will be about $400 but I have that amount coming through to my checking account so I can write the final check without hesitation. Whatever is left over in the checking account will then be transferred over to my Electric Orange account to go towards other bills.

I am sooooooooooooo excited! By the way I still have referral links so that YOU can make $25.00 by opening your very own Orange account. Just hit me up in the comments if you want to get the link and I will hook you up. You will make $25 for opening the new account and I can make $10 for setting up the referral.