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What To Do If You Are A Victim Of Identity Theft

Every year people become the victim of identity theft in some form or fashion. No one wants to think it can happen but with the amount of data we all have it is getting easier for crooks to take advantage of us. In many cases the victims do not realize what has happened until it is very late and they have already lost...

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Always Monitor Your Credit Report

I had my students pull up their credit report for an assignment a few monthss ago and they were supposed to write a report on what they found. One of my students got a very unpleasant experience when he pulled up his report because he found out that someone had been using his personal information to get credit accounts set up....

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Time To Check Those Credit Reports Again

As we approach the new year it is time again to check your credit report if you have not already done so. If you need to get a look at your credit report from any one of the three bureaus: Experian Transunion Equifax the best place to look is This is the ONLY site that will let you see all three of...

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Check Your Credit With Credit Karma

Remember to check up on your credit report with Credit Karma. This is a FREE service that allows you to get a free credit report AND a score from one of the three bureaus. I use them all the time to stay on top of what is going on with my credit report and allows me to see what recent requests have been made for my...

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Just Pulled A Credit Report

I just pulled one of my credit reports from the ONLY site that is totally FREE. To get your free credit report directly from the three agencies you need to go to log in. Once you have filled in the necessary identifying information on the first page you will be able to request a credit report from...

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I Pulled My Credit Report…Oops

It is usually a good thing in the personal finance world when you pull your credit report so why am I mad that I pulled mine this time? Well I was not thinking clearly when I went to and pulled TWO reports on the same date. I am now left with only one report that I can pull for the rest of the year and...

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I Lost A Credit Card

I did not actually misplace the was closed due to inactivity. I received a letter in the mail telling me that one of the credit cards that I own was closed because I had not used it in a long time. It was not one of my older cards, nor was it a card with a high limit so I am not too upset at losing it. I had been...

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Credit Score Report Card From CreditKarma

I have been using Credit Karma for a while now to track one free credit score. They recently introduced the Credit Report Card which gives you a grade on various aspects of things that make up your credit score. If you are not already a member of Credit Karma I suggest that you go over there right now and sign up for an...

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Help A Reader: Bad Credit

Hello everyone!!! I recently got the following comment from a reader and wanted to include you all in the assistance process. “How would I start to fix just horrible credit? I doubt I will ever be able to come out of it, but I now know the horrible truth that I wasnt taught at a younger age. I have defaulted on every...

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Credit Report Time!!!!!

It is time to order your FREE credit report again from  Since you can only order one free credit report every twelve months from one of the credit bureaus, it is best to space them out and order one every four months. That way you will be better able to see changes in your credit file over the year...

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Ovation Credit Services Review (Advertisement)

Since many of us are very concerned with our credit reports I have been asked to review this credit repair site and produce this advertisement for them. I went over to Ovation Credit Services to see what they offered and how it could benefit me and my readers when it came to managing our credit. The first thing I noticed is...

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