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Buying a Used Car? Identifying Potential Scams (Guest Post)

Purchasing or selling a car online can be a huge convenience and time-saver.  At the same time, as online car sales grow in popularity on sites like Craigslist and eBay, so do scams.  Buying online can become a nightmare, with buyers reportedly losing thousands of dollars in fraudulent transactions. Fortunately, most scams are...

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Relocating On a Budget (Guest Post)

If you’ve ever moved then you are already aware of how expensive it can be to relocate, especially to another city. Many people are hesitant to move, because there are many costs that catch you by surprise. For anyone on a budget you should be prepared for the unexpected costs by having a budget that compensates for surprises....

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Come see me at the Carnival of Debt Management

The Carnival of Debt Management is up at the Credit Card Lowdown. My article LASIK Eye Surgery – My Experiences – Day 1 was listed in the carnival so I am soooooooooo proud of that. Come see me and all the rest of the people who were included in the carnival.

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Check out my feed at RSS Hugger

You can see my feed at RSS Hugger if you want to keep up to date with what I am doing. You can also click on the big orange button in the sidebar here to get my feeds sent to your email. Don’t forget to check out my page at RSS Hugger and watch me climb the Top 100 chart as well.

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RSS Hugger is FREE!!!

Everyone knows how much I just LOVE free stuff so I was immediately hooked when I noticed that RSS Hugger is now going for FREE. If you do not know what RSS Hugger is then you are in for a bit of a treat now. RSS Hugger is a site that promotes and sends out your RSS feeds along with all the feeds of other registered sites....

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Manage your mortgage

Finding a right mortgage type is sometimes becomes very difficult as there are many mortgage lenders in the market these days. But the competition factor between them is based on their interest rates. So the best way to find good loans types that fits on your needs is to go though market and compare loans and their interest...

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USA in Debt to host Carnival of Twenty Something Finances

Thank you to USA In Debt for hosting the upcoming edition of the Carnival of Twenty Something Finances. If you have an article that you would like to see featured in the carnival just go ahead and submit it. Please remember to link back to the host as a way to thank them for the work they put into the carnival and also to...

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Festival of under 30 Finances

Don’t forget to check me out at the Festival of Under 30 finances September 3rd edition hosted at How to Make a Million Dollars. This edition ran on September 3rd so in case you missed it you can check out some great tips on how to manage your money.

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Money: a memoir

Miss T is having a contest over at Days Like These where she is giving away a copy of Money: a Memoir. To enter the contest all you have to do is post a comment according to the rules laid out (they are very simple) and then blog about it. The drawing will be held on July 16th. Go over there and read what the other commentors...

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How to get a free 24 inch wide screen monitor

Ok so you already know that John Chow has a blog that talks about the different ways you can make money online. He is always running some crazy schemes to get links but he also gives away great stuff each time he does so. The latest contests is for a 24? wide screen LCD monitor! If you want a chance to win all you have to do...

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Thank you Jagular!

Wow I just got a surge in traffic because of a post Jagular wrote. He was talking about Alexa rankings and said he did something to show his links to other sites. I am not sure if that was the direct case but I just checked my Google Analytics and saw that I had over 100 new visitors that came through my site from Jagular.So...

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How I Pay My Bills

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