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Cash Or Card?

Today I had to make the decision of Cash or Card. I am not talking about how to pay for something since I always use a card so that I can get the cash back. I also use my card exclusively in case I...

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Save Money By Stacking Your Rewards

One of the best ways that I know to save money is to stack my rewards. You all know that I use cash back credit cards for all of my purchases. It makes sense that if I am going to buy something I would just use my credit card like a debit card. I make my purchases using the credit card and then pay off the card before I incur...

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Sign Up For 5% Cash Back From Discover

Remember to log in to your Discover card account to sign up for the extra 5% cash back. From July through September you can earn 5% on purchases on the following categories: -Gas -Hotels -Movies -Theme parks All other purchases earn the normal rate so this is a great chance to earn some more cash back for the things you would...

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How I Pay My Bills

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back