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Cash Or Card?

Today I had to make the decision of Cash or Card. I am not talking about how to pay for something since I always use a card so that I can get the cash back. I also use my card exclusively in case I...

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Capital One Now Offers Credit Score Monitoring

Those of you who use Capital One Credit cards will be pleased to know that Capital One now offers credit score monitoring. Look out for a banner at the top of your account when you log in. To access your credit score all you have to do is click where it says Start Tracking Now. You will then be taken to a page that tracks your...

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I Have A Lower Credit Card Rate (And Why I Don’t Care)

So one of my credit cards just informed me that I have a new lower credit card rate for purchases. The original rate was 17.99% and they have now graciously lowered it to 13.99%. I never pay attention to the rates on my credit cards because those only matter if you carry a balance from month to month. While the drop of 4...

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Got A $20 Discover Gift Card!!!

I love it when I can actually redeem the points I earn from using my credit cards, and get something useful. I use my Discover gift card to buy gas because I get extra points there and sometimes I...

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Always Monitor Your Credit Report

I had my students pull up their credit report for an assignment a few monthss ago and they were supposed to write a report on what they found. One of my students got a very unpleasant experience when he pulled up his report because he found out that someone had been using his personal information to get credit accounts set up....

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Rolling Budget Concerns (In Mint)

When I decided to have a rolling budget for the entire year of  2013 I did not anticipate the problems that were potentially associated with such a venture. I previously had my budget set up in Mint and it would reset the categories every month. I also kept a spreadsheet where I could enter my receipts on a daily basis and...

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How I Pay My Bills

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back