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Remember To File Your Taxes

Remember to file your taxes for 2017. You should have received all of your tax documents by now. If you are missing something be sure to contact the company so you can get everything ready. (If you...

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Anxiously Awaiting My Tax Documents

I am anxiously awaiting my tax documents but not for the reason many think. I am not scared or upset that I might have to pay taxes.  I do not think I am getting a refund so I am not even excited about that. I simply want to get the documents so that I can file and cross that item off my list of things to do. Just knowing that...

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One Week Left For (Regular) Income Tax Filing

You only have one week left to get in on the regular income tax filing schedule. Taxes are due on 15th April and if you don’t get yours in by that date you have to deal with extensions. Why bother with all of that..just get your taxes done now and save yourself the hassle! I filed my taxes already so I have nothing to...

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Tax Time Is Here Again

Although I mentioned earlier how I could not wait to get my taxes done I still have not filed as yet. I have had to wait for a number of documents to either come in the mail or to be made available online. I suppose I could have started with what I had and then gone back and filled out the stuff that was trickling in...

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Taxes Have Been Filed

So I finally got to file my taxes and I am glad that it is done. I had a bit of drama with a missing W2 from my old job and after many emails we still cannot figure out what happened. I was told...

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How I Pay My Bills

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