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Swagbucks Referral Links!!

It is that time again..where I put out feelers for those who are interested in Swagbucks! Remember Swagbucks is that online portal that allows you to earn gift cards for a number of different activities. When you sign up and are ready to earn you can: -take surveys -do your shopping via their portal to other sites -watch...

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Accounting For Swagbucks

I have been a member of Swagbucks for a while now..even though I was not actively using the site until a few months ago. I have earned a few swagbucks that I redeem for either Walmart gift cards or Amazon gift cards but I was trying to figure out how to account for them in my budget. Because I have a zero based budget I need...

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Made A New Lending Club Loan

I just made a new Lending Club loan this month with the money that has been repaid in interest from past loans. My goal has always been to be able to fund a new loan every month with the money that...

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Lending Club is Up, Prosper is Down

I have written many times about using both Lending Club and Prosper for investments. I have made small loans to others on both of those sites so that I can make some more money to tackle my debt. I also got a loan on Lending Club that I used to consolidate my credit card debt to a lower rate bundle. Lending Club was silent for...

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I Signed Up For Social Spark

In my quest to save money and make money online I recently signed up for SocialSpark . This is a system much like PPP that allows advertisers to find you based on certain characteristics of your blog. The neat thing with Social Spark is that they have mandatory nofollow links so that you do not get slapped again for having...

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Win $1000 with Fintag’s Stock Picking Contest

Did you know that you can Win $1000 with FinGad ? This is a new stock picking contest where you can make some money if you are the best performing stock picker. The system is simple to use and has a potential big benefit at the end. You create an account in a few easy steps and you are given a virtual portfolio of cash to work...

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How I Pay My Bills

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back