I have been using a combination of Mint and a Google docs spreadsheet to keep track of my expenses. Every time I have a receipt I will enter it manually into my spreadsheet because that way I have a running total of my spending before the transactions show up on Mint.

The two systems have always balanced up, although I sometimes have to go back into Mint to edit my spending categories. This seems to happen the most with purchases at Wally World because although I separate my spending on food and non food items the system can only classify the purchase made at Wally World as one category. This is not an issue as I have the receipt to be able to check my spending and classify it under the correct category when it does go through.

I recently decided that since the two systems match up there is really no point in me keeping the spreadsheet any longer. I will be using only Mint for the month of June to track my spending and income and if I can feel comfortable with it then I will make the full switch over.

I have a hard time letting go of things once I become accustomed to them and that is why I have not made the switch to using Mint only even though it is really redundant right now. I am going to take it slowly so that I do not feel withdrawal symptoms from my spreadsheet and then run back to using it again.

Change is good and I have been keeping under my budget for the month, even though some categories were over and I had to borrow from the other categories. What are you doing when it comes to changes in your budget?


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