Every Friday I post about my finances for the week in an effort to monitor my income and expenses. I used to post all of the actual figures but I have recently decided to stop doing this.

I will now post SOME of my actual expenses and leave the rest to your imagination.

This week my income was: Nothing! I only get paid once a month and I did not have any gift cards to cash in yet.

This week my expenses were:

$9.14 on lunch with my protege. We meet every other week and we were supposed to only get coffee but then we both decided we were starving and needed to eat. It was a very productive meeting so it was worth the money…and that just came out of my regular food budget.

$38.08 on fruits, vegetables, and nuts from my other grocery store. I am looking at the receipt now and see that it cost me $4.99 for a container of blackberries. The container only holds about 3 handfuls of berries which is what I eat as a serving. I will NOT be buying blackberries any more as that is WAY too expensive.

Everything is accounted for in the rolling budget  and I am still on track for the month!