Now that I have to pay the full electric bill on my own I am really looking for ways to save on my electric bill. In the past, there was a cap on the amount of the bill that we had to pay. This is because the apartment paid $30 per resident towards the bill.

I usually had low electric bills, depending on the room mate that I had. Since our complex has been bought by a new company, they decided they no longer want to do this.

We have to pay the full bill on our own and we pay directly to the  electric company. The good thing about this is you can see what you are paying for. Sometimes we would get a bill from the apartment complex that I was not sure about but could not see how they calculated it because we did not see the meter readings.

The bad thing about this is the start up cost is quite a lot. Because I lived here for the last two years I had to pay a deposit because I do not have 2 prior years of electrical history. I paid the electric bill to the apartment, not to a utility company so there is no record of me as an electric bill customer.Candle

The second bad thing is that I no longer have the shared capped amount.

I am looking for ways to save on my electric bill now so that I can bank low bills for when I do get a room mate who drives the bill up.

I don’t think I will resort to using candles or wind up lamps all the time…but I will definitely watch my usage of lights and appliances.

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