I have used MyPoints for years now because I love the rewards that I get from them. MyPoints is a program that basically pays you to read their advertising emails from partners. You get points for every email that you click through and then you can redeem these points for gift cards to certain retailers.

If you would like to try MyPoints let me know and I can send you a referral and we BOTH win!!!!

I used MyPoints to get gift cards to restaurants like Red Lobster (my favorite!!!) and also recently to stores like CVS where I can get stuff for free!

MyPoints also came up with a VISA card that gave you 1% cash back for every $1 spent. I use this card infrequently to purchase things online to get the bonus and to keep the card active since it is good for my credit score.

ChaseFreedom1Recently, Chase decided to acquire MyPoints VISA and they moved the cards to the same account.

When I tried to log into my MyPoints account it redirected me to Chase and said that I would have to update my login information.


I did not want to have yet another set of passwords to remember so I was really angry about this. I decided to use the forgot login info option and they retrieved my information using the card number.

Then for some reason, using this option merged my accounts so when I logged into my Chase account I saw the MyPoints card there as well. No new login info needed.  Sweet.