Some people think they can transfer credit card balances to lower their debt. This only works if you do not charge anything on the card you are transferring to and pay more than the minimum due.

Otherwise you are just shuffling the money and the interest around and you may end up paying more in interest in the long run.

Once again I see people saying you should cut up your credit cards but this, in my opinion, is not very practical. Sometimes when you need to do a balance transfer over the phone you need a good deal of information from the card.

Of course you could make a photocopy of the card and use that when making payments….but is it really necessary?

It may sound difficult to many of us but really the only way to get out this credit card mess is to STOP USING THE CARDS!!!!

Lock them away (freeze them if that floats your boat) and just pay off what you can. If you can pay more than the minimum balance due then go ahead!!!! This will save you a few cents on interest….which adds up!