This morning I saw a post about someone getting a credit line increase from Citibank. I have an Associates/Citibank card so I skipped over to my account to see if I could get one too.

I had to dig around the site for a while before I found the link but I clicked and held my breath. I then got a message saying they would be able to increase my credit line by $500 without doing a credit check. Do I want to accept this offer? Or do I want to do the credit check and try for a higher increase?

I quickly clicked on accept the current offer….I basically shouted DEAL when I did this. Hooray! Now my credit limit on that card is higher by $500 and they did not have to hit my credit to do it. They also wanted to know if I wanted to do any balance transfers now that I had a higher limit…..but I declined that offer. It was just too much goodness for one day.