Welcome to How I Save Money!

Most people wait until New Years to make resolutions or to set goals. I am making a Christmas resolution to pay off a credit card by March.

I have written about my snowflake process before and how I take any extra money to pay towards certain targets.

creditcard.jpgMy next target is the Capital One credit card which currently has $727 at 0% interest rate.  I had been paying the minimum on this card because it was at a zero percent interest rate and my money would have been better put to use elsewhere.

I am now thinking that I can pay off that balance in three month by making aggressive use of the funds that are in the snowball account from saving on other items and paying off other debts.

I am sending little snowflake payments from any extra money that I happen to get in addition to paying a larger percentage of my ‘credit card payment’ money on this debt.

With this method I hope to have this card fully paid off when the zero percent offer runs out at the end of February.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!