It is time to order your FREE credit report again from  Since you can only order one free credit report every twelve months from one of the credit bureaus, it is best to space them out and order one every four months.

That way you will be better able to see changes in your credit file over the year instead of having to wait a whole twelve months for the next set of reports.

You can get your free credit report from




by going to and filling out the information. Don’t be  fooled by the cute guy on the television who tells you to go somewhere else for a ‘free’ report as that report is for a monthly paid service.

I ordered my report from Experian in January and tried to get one today but because I have a credit freeze on my account (due to my identity being compromised in the past) I have to fill out and mail in some additional papers to get my new report from the bureau.

Remember to get your free report and see what is going on with your accounts. On another note…my credit score went up to 749 woo-hoo!