I had only heard about life lock two days ago and thought about the people who use it. Then imagine my surprise when I got a letter in the mail from my insurance company that said I was at risk for identity theft!!!!!

I Am At Risk for Identity Theft

I was told that a laptop containing my sensitive information had been stolen from the company that handles one of my insurances through my job. I immediately thought about the number of times I read about things like this happening but never thought it could happen to me.

Action Taken

I immediately called up Transunion and asked them put an alert on my credit information. This means that any time a request for credit is made in my name the person or business has to call me to verify that I really want this done. They have my cell phone number because that is a secure line to me, instead of my work number. Transunion told me that they notify Experian and Equifax to let them know about the alerts so I did not need to contact them.

Life Lock can Help

Life Lock can provide this same service and more to you if you should experience a situation similar to this. For the small fee of $10 a month they firstly contact the three credit bureaus to let them know about your situation.

They repeat this every 90 days since the alerts are only kept for 90 days by the three bureaus. Life Lock also contacts credit companies and requests that your name be removed from all of those preapproved offers, making you a less likely target for further credit abuse.

They also offer assistance with finding the best legal representation should you come to the point where you should need it.

You may not think you need a service like this, and I certainly never thought this would happen to me but you never know what will happen.