When will it end? I go skipping through the rest of my credit report and go to check my credit score and what is this?

My score is now 88 points lower than the last time I checked. I begin to have heart palpitations and then I start to hyperventilate.

I read the details of the drop and it says my loan was 30 days overdue. I scrabble up my receipts and they all look fine to me. This was Sunday night so there was nothing I could do.

I call the bank bright and early on Monday morning and look over my statement and sho’ nuff the bank has the correct posting date for my payment. When I speak to the customer service person they say the payment was late because the loan matured and I did not have it renewed.

Now here’s the story behind that one. I noticed that I had two of the little slips they ask you to have when you pay the loan. So I went to the bank and said, I only have two of these left, so do I have to come in and sign something or do anything else when they run out? The lady at the bank says Oh no, just write your account number for the loan on your checks and that will be fine. So the slips run out and I write the number and they take my check every month.

Now…..when I call two months after I was ‘supposedly late’ with their payment they tell me I should have done something else!

They then tell me (on the phone) the payment could not have been late (that is what I am telling them) because they would have sent me a late notice and they did not do that. I say to myself then if YOU are saying it was not late because you would have sent me a letter then WHY did you report it to the credit bureau as being late?

Makes NO SENSE to me.

Okay now…so I am supposed to have the loan renewed all by myself? I thought the bank was supposed to do that!

No one notified me in September or in October or in November of a late payment. I have gone in to speak to my loan ‘manager'(and I use the word manager loosely because I feel I have not been taken care of at all!) three times between October and the end of November and this never came up. I even signed new papers where we changed the terms on my payments……but still no talk of me being late in September.

Well no talk was directed at me……but they SURE were in a rush to tell Experian and Equifax!

Now I have to wait a week for the bank to fix this and report it and who knows how long before it gets changed on my credit report.

But rest assured I will be checking up on them.

It takes me all day to get it straightened out…finally at 4:30 someone tells me that is was their mistake (duh!) and they will get it straightened out. I will have to call back in one week to check on it because (gasp!) they do not think they need to tell me they fixed the heinous error on my credit report.

I am off now to look at the rest of my credit report and see if there was anything else I missed.

Moral of this (long) story….check your credit report OFTEN!