I usually LOVE going to CVS but there was one time I had a really bad experience with a cashier. This is a series of reposts about that original experience.

I Want My Coupons Lady!

When the cashier did the return the machine said I had a $0.74 refund, which she decided to give me in cash instead of returning it to the gift card. I don’t like touching cash (used to work at a bank) but I said I would take it so she took the items back from me and I told her to put the cash on the counter next to the coupons.

She looks at me with a crazy look and says she cannot return the coupons because the computer did not say she could. Now remember that this is the $11.99 ECB which can be used like cash for ANY item (except prescriptions, lottery tickets and stuff like that) PLUS my manufacturer coupons that I cut out of the newspaper on Sunday morning. I told her, you have the monitor and the toothpaste and toothbrush…so CVS has its property…so I want my coupons.

She repeats…like I am deaf…that the computer said I get a $0.74 refund. I told her I know this because I paid you with a gift card….but I also need my coupons back.

She says well she will have to call a manager…like this is where I am supposed to be afraid. I used to work in retail lady…call the manager.

Have you ever had to deal with a manager about a mistake that an employee made?