Today I paid $0.00 out of pocket for $4.49 worth of items. This shampoo gave back the same amount in Extra bucks as the price so if you exclude the tax it was essentially FREE. I decided to get the shampoo because I had a $4.00 ECB coupon that expired on Friday but the cashier said since it was only two days old she could still accept it.

Remember that my goal for this year is to get as much as I can by simply using my ECBs, coupons and a gift card which I have gotten from redeeming cash back rewards.

Transaction 1

Item: Dove shampoo

Price: $4.49

CVS Extra Care Bucks earned: $4.49

Total coupons used: $4.00

Total paid today: $0.53 , on gift card.

Total CVS Extra Care Bucks earned today: $4.49

Total out of pocket to date: $0.00

Gift Card balance : $21.47

Total CVS Extra Care Bucks earned to date: $50.99

CVS Extra Care Bucks Used to date: $43.00

CVS Extra Care Bucks Balance: $7.99

Abbreviations used

MFR = manufacturer coupon

ECB = extra care bucks

Join me next time as I look for more ways to save money as I visit CVS.