I recently received a $25 gift certificate to Amazon for taking part in a contest. Hurray for me!!!! Now I have no idea what to spend it on. I really LOVE this Vanilla Musk perfume by Coty and I have not bought any in a while. That would be my splurge and my late birthday gift to myself.

The other option is to get something practical from the site. I just found where I could get six tubes of toothpaste for the money. While this would be very useful and would mean that I do not have to buy toothpaste again for the next gazillion years I wonder if I am taking the frugal thing a bit too far.

Now if I get the perfume (which I WANT) then I would have a balance left of the gift card. I have not bought things from Amazon for a while and I do not really see myself getting anything else any time soon. So I would just be left with a balance on the account that is just floating around and having fun. It would be about $5 but still….it is a balance.

If I get the toothpaste (which I NEED) then I would have about the same balance left on the card. The toothpaste is practical and will most likely last longer than the perfume. I have listed both of the items in the lower left sidebar under my Amazon section. You might have scroll down a bit to see them and then you can see.

I am also going to put the options in one of my polls so you guys and gals can vote on it. So now look at the poll on the right side of the screen.

So what do YOU think? Should I go ahead and get my perfume (and have my absolute favorite perfume to use) or get the toothpaste (or something else practical.)