You may have noticed that Adsense has put out some new ads that have little arrows on the bottom. These are the new scrolling ads format that Adsense has released in an effort to provide even more relevant ads to websites and blogs.

The theory behind this is that instead of just showing one ad per slot you now have the chance to scroll through multiple ads in one ad block. This should supposedly cause readers to find an ad that interests them because more content is being provided.

My Take

I noticed the ads on a few other blogs but I was not inclined to scroll through to find an ad that was more relevant than the first set of ads I saw. I am not sure that these types of ads will induce a higher click through rate on many blogs because that is just an extra click for most people.

My experience with this is that if people cannot find the first set of ads interesting enough they will not bother to scroll through multiple ads to find something, when they can just do a search.

I guess I will really just have to wait and see if I get more clicks and scrolls through the new ad format to make a better judgment later on. What are your views of the little scroll arrows on the new Google Adsense ads?