Every day I see bloggers talking about getting a second job to help with cash flow. Most of us bloggers do not realize that it is a lot easier to say than to actually do for some people.

There really are some people who CANNOT get a second job because of their status in this country. Take for example a foreigner who comes to the US to go to school. This person has a visa that allows him or her to go to school legally. The foreign student is also allowed to work but can only work under certain restrictions as follows:

  1. The job must be on the campus the student is attending school.
  2. The job must only be for 20 hours a week or less.

Foreign students make minimum wage

Now usually the types of jobs that foreign students can get that fit these criteria are the minimum wage jobs. These students must also be going to school full time in order to remain in the country legally. Regardless of what the student is making, he or she has to pay rent, tuition and fees, get food, pay electricity….you know the drill.

Foreign students have high interest loans

This foreign student usually has a high loan to pay in his or her home country in addition to the bills while going to school. What do we say to such a person? He or she cannot get a second job because that would violate the conditions of being in the US and this means the person would risk getting deported.

Apart from reducing the expenses what would you suggest that this person do in order to survive?

Please bear in mind that the foreign students are also paying for school at a higher rate because they are not ‘residents’. They would therefore be charged the out of state costs which are significantly higher at every university.

Comments are open so let the advice begin!!!!