So I am about to start shopping around for apartments once again. Not because I am moving any time soon….I already signed my lease for next year!!!

I am going to look at places because quite frankly I am a bit bored. School is out for almost a month and everyone is gone because they went to see family. I am the only one left here and I am already going out of my mind. I think that now I am not in a frenzy to find an apartment it will be better for me to look now. I will be more relaxed so I can look at places objectively.

I also want to start getting a feel for places when I do have to move. I currently have a room mate and I live on the ground floor. Those are two criteria that I absolutely do NOT want in my final year when I am working on my dissertation.

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I will need to be alone in the apartment and not have to deal with a room mate….even though the one I have now is pretty awesome. I will also need to NOT have people living above me because the noise from neighbors walking across the floor and flushing toilets is annoying  now but i will make me CRAZY when I am writing my dissertation.


I am well aware that to get what I want I will have a significant increase in my housing expenses because this is a college town and they do gouge students! I just want to start looking at the types of places that are available now so I can make a good decision in the next couple of years.