For those of you who don?t already know I have been giving out Joost invites all day.
I have already given out 19 invites and most of the people have downloaded the program and they are using it. The more people who use Joost and provide feedback the better it becomes so PLEASE drop in to the forum and give some feedback or fill out the forms and give some feedback.

And when you get an invite please share. Thanks and enjoy Joost.

By the way I am a super viewer?.just thought I would throw that in although I have no idea how they came up with that.

So far I am enjoying Joost and I am playing around with the different features to see what everything does. I am still concerned about the channel lineup which is still limited but as Joost grows so will the lineup. It is up to the users to request the channels they want so that Joost can make a plea for those stations to be included.

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