A friend of mine was recently looking at starting an online business. He asked me about what type of software I could recommend for his online business in terms of shopping cart software or general ecommerce software.

Now I am not really familiar with these things but I guess he reads this blog and thinks that I know a lot. I recommended Ashop Commerce because it is one of the leading providers of shopping cart software.

Of course there are other providers out there but I think this might be a good starting point for him as he starts his ecommerce site. The system is web based so there would be no need for my friend to go out and download software to get his system going.

The prices seem to be reasonable and for the lowest price of $39.95 a month you can get a package that includes integration with Quickbooks. I hope this helped him to make a decision and then when he starts rolling in the big bucks he will remember where he got his tips from!