It is once again time for Thanksgiving and all the fun that comes along with that holiday. Just remember to keep yourself safe this and every year so that you do not run into financial problems in the future.

All that grease is not good for your sink or your garbage disposal. Make sure to collect fat and grease drippings in container and dispose of them properly in the garbage. Most people tend to empty the fat down the garbage disposal but this can lead to costly clogs.

Watch out for allergies. Remember when you are cooking up all those pies and other dishes that some people have food allergies. Steer clear of the common allergens like nuts and dairy but be sure to ask your guests if they are allergic to anything. This can help you to direct people away from the foods they may be allergic to and will help you to avoid costly medicines or trips to the emergency room.

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and get ready to go back to work next week!!!!