I went into the bathroom and was the victim of some Bad Bathroom Behavior. This is when someone does something which violates the bathroom code of conduct and you wonder if they simply do not know or do not care.

Why would you leave the stall without flushing when I could clearly hear your musical tinkling just seconds before? It is not like there was no water available in the bathroom because the person who had just left had flushed. I also flushed after the person in question, hoping it would embarrass her into doing the same but it did not work.

This individual simply stood at the mirror fixing her makeup and fluffing her hair with her fingers. I splashed noisily as I washed my own hands and made a comment about the hot water coming on too quickly. The individual smiled, made a non-committal sound and fluffed her hair some more before walking out of the bathroom without washing her hands.

I was a bit turned off by this and said maybe the faucet she had been standing in front of was malfunctioning so I went to try it out. Whoa! Out comes a strong stream of warm water just like from my faucet. I think maybe this person was allergic to water or was trying to conserve water for future generations. Or maybe she just had never been taught to flush when done and to wash her hands also before leaving the bathroom.

The funny thing is I knew the individual because she is someone who works in a building that I pass through on a daily basis on campus. Note to self: do not shake this person’s hand or accept food that she may have touched.

Now you may say that I am being silly since I do not know how many other people I have come in contact with that have not washed their hands. I know that we can never tell who has not washed their hands but in her case I know of at least one time when it was not done. I think this might be a repeated behavior and until I see a change I will try to limit my physical contact with this person.

I just wonder why someone would not take advantage of the water, soap,paper towels and hot air dryer that is provided in a public bathroom especially since you have no idea what kind of germs are floating around.

And for those of you who are wondering…….YES I do wash my hands every time I use the restroom. This encounter made me think of something I saw on Xiaxue‘s site It is better to be safe than sorry.

Please practice good bathroom behavior at all times and if you know this person please talk to her.