Over at Baz’s blog is a post about ? The Incredible Head Power Shower Showerhead which I thought was interesting. A bit disturbing…but still interesting. Just the name of the shower head sounds a bit weird but hey if he wants to get one then that is his deal. Now I suppose that the navy shower makes sense if you are trying to save water but here is something to think about. In an apartment complex the water is an average of the usage by the entire complex.

Now if you are taking navy showers while Jim Bob in apartment 12c is taking hour showers then what are you really doing to yourself? You will still have a high water bill (and quite possibly a not so fresh feeling). I am all for saving and being frugal but I am not really sure if the navy shower is the way to go. Now I think the shower head that regulates the flow of water may be a good idea…but again we do have to weigh the costs against the benefits of using such an item.