So I finally caved in and bought a crock pot to see if that will help me save money. I know you are probably thinking why I did not already have one but I just did not.

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I have been thinking about getting the crock pot for months and months and always talked myself out of actually getting it. I had all these excuses, mainly along the lines of not needing to cook that much food. I got a 5 quart crock pot and it actually is a good size for my needs. Since I mentioned that I want to get into more meal prepping this is a great solution to that.

I don’t like coming home after a long day out at work or school and having to do more work to get dinner ready. It just does not sound like the most fun thing and I usually end up eating cereal or a sandwich since most of the time that is all I have the energy to do.

crock pot with lid

Now that I have the crock pot I can put the ingredients in before I leave for the day and they can gently cook while I am at work or school. When I get home I should have minimal effort, if any at all, to get my dinner ready. I will also have leftovers that can be used for the next two days as part of my meal prepping activities.

I am looking for a few simple and low cost recipes that can make use of the ingredients I normally buy so that I don’t have to spend a lot on different groceries.