In addition to Getting Mad About Getting Paid there are people who have No Budget and No Clue. Recently someone complained about all the high fees her family was paying in overdrafts every month. She thinks that she was paying about 3 overdraft fees every month because of not knowing who was withdrawing money or having late deposits.

I offered to help the individual and even set up a spending log so she could track her spending to get an idea of where the money was going. The person said she would fill in the sheets on the weekend and I reminded her every few days. On the Monday following our conversation I asked how it went and she admitted that she had not done any of it.

She promised to do it the upcoming weekend and even mentioned that she had a stack of receipts all ready to be entered into the spreadsheet. I again encouraged her and said I was looking forward to the results of the exercise. Three weeks later none of the receipts have been entered and some have even been thrown away so there is no record of where the money went.

Every week I have offered to help to enter the figures but I am assured that it will be done. Well I have given up after three weeks because it seems this person is not serious about getting this done. The first step in cleaning up your finances is making the change in yourself and wanting to do it for the right reasons. If this person does not care enough to start to write down some numbers then I cannot force the issue.