I am far from being ready to buy a car but I do know that when I have a good job I plan on buying a NEW car.

I know the common feeling is buy a USED car and everyone says that a new car loses a big chunk of the value as soon as you drive it off the lot. I am planning on ignoring this because I really think a new car would be a better investment for me in the future.

My first car was 12 years old when it FINALLY broke down on me. It actually had over 100 thousand miles and it had a number of problems that were fixed. It finally broke down on the highway and a part flew off from the underside of the car and sailed into the grass. There was no way that was getting fixed and it was towed off to the junkyard.

I bought my second car used as well and it was 10 years old and had a little over 86 thousand miles before I had to sell it. The car was in good condition but I ended up selling it due to circumstances beyond my control.

I plan on keeping my next car until I can no longer drive it so I figure if I buy a new car it would last me more than 10 years based on my track record.