Yes! Money in my pocket.

Earlier on I compiled a list of places to make money online and I did not mention CashDuck because it was quite new to me and I wanted to try it out before I spoke about it.

This is definitely one site that works! Follow the instructions and you will get reimbursed. If you want to cash in on some of the larger amounts then you may need to shell out $1 or so but it is well worth it.

Cash Duck is now on the top of my list. Thanks Kira!

I got my first payment from Cash Duck today and I am soooooooooooo happy. I was a bit skeptical at first and I decided to have only a small payment made to my PayPal account because I was so scared.
Kira says she pays around the 23rd of the month so I was just waiting and waiting for the date to roll around to see what would actually happen.

I also was a bit scared of trying some of the offers because I did not want to shell out any money and not get anything in return.

However today I looked at my PayPal account and the money was there. Every cent that I withdrew from my Cash Duck account was paid by Kira and without any problems.Hooray.

I actually got paid….and get this …my small test payment was more than what I spent in total to try out all the offers I tried.

I am definitely going to try out more offers and try to make some more money. The next payment is going to pay two of my credit card payments in my debt snowball.

Go ahead and click on the Ducky pictures so you too can sign up for Cash Duck and make some money too!