I recently had an issue where complaining but in a nice way actually saved me some money. I buy the majority of my items online so that I can make use of the shopping portals to get extra cash back.

I recently bought an item and was unsatisfied with the performance. It was on a site where people leave reviews so I left a poor review along with pictures to confirm what I was talking about. I also emailed the seller and explained what happened.

I got a response from the seller within a few hours and was told that I had indeed received a defective product. I was also told that not only would I get a refund but that I would also get a free replacement for the item. This tells me that that seller is concerned about the customer’s experience and wants a happy customer.

They are aware that I review products that I have spent my own money on and I am more likely to leave a completely honest review. I am currently waiting on my refund and replacement but I just wanted to let you know that complaining nicely saved me money.

I was not even looking for anything from the company but I was happy to know that they were looking out for the customer.