My computer died on Monday and I have been so lost without it. I have been using a borrowed laptop at home and it is killing me.

I have just realized how I am a slave to technology because I am so cranky without my computer.

computerNow I know the components are old as Baz reminds me all the time but I had other financial priorities over the years. I guess I need to really start saving up some money towards getting new components for my computer.

Now I did recently get a $exy flat screen  monitor in black to take me into the more modern technology world and I am looking to upgrade to a wireless keyboard and mouse (gasp!).

I need to take a look at my budget and start diverting funds as I get other debts paid off.

I hope to get the computer fixed this weekend so I can get back to normal.


So I packed up the computer and drove an hour and a half to get it fixed….when it decides to start up like nothing happened. Baz is just about to die of laughter when the computer starts up and asks me if I am SURE I got the errors I did. I tell him yes I did get the errors (Please insert BOOT disk and press ENTER) and I have no clue why the computer is working fine now.

He restarts the computer….it works.

He shuts it down by pressing the button….it works.

He puts in a new (old….it used to be his) hard drive as a backup drive for me… works.

I get mad….it still works.

I guess the computer wanted to take a trip out of town….or I am losing my mind and imagining error messages (his words, not mine) because nothing was done to the computer and it WORKS FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!