I walked into the bank and plopped down some cash that I had and said that I wanted to close out the loan. The balance left on the loan was a small amount but I felt so proud at being able to just have that dreadful reminder of a bad time in my life taken away.

I will no longer have to deal with that particular bank so I can begin to erase the experience from my mind. This is one less payment that I will have to send off every month and I can now take the money that was going to the Colt loan and apply it to my debt snowball and attack another debt.

The relief I feel right now is so great you really cannot begin to imagine. Hooray for me. I have one less debt to worry about. I have updated the Net Worth badge over in the left sidebar to reflect the changes. I have also updated my debt repayment chart over at No Credit Needed but I have not seen the new chart come out as yet.