Hi everyone, this is Dinero and I am telling you about another way that I help Lulu save money. 

I know that Lulu loves to cut coupons (silly human, being entertained by a piece of paper. She loves using Fresh Step kitty litter in my box because she does not want the place to stink. Who does????

The thing with this is that the Fresh Step is a bit expensive at almost $9 a box and she has been grumbling about how much my kitty litter costs. Well Fresh Step has a program called Paw Prints where each box has a code printed on the inside. You log in to the website and enter your code and receive points that you can redeem for various items like a play tunnel (I so WANT that!!!!), a picture frame, cat toys and other items.

kittylittercouponLulu opted to use her points to get a coupon for a free box of kitty litter…which has a code in it so she can start building up rewards again to keep my bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Well today when she checked the mail there was a coupon for a FREE box!!!!!!!

Now she is happy that I told her about the paw points program so it sort of offsets the cost of the litter. Plus this is the BEST litter she has found at keeping my place smelling fresh and lovely. I swear I sometimes forget it is my bathroom because I cannot smell a thing.

I am off to hide behind the door now and pounce on her feet as she walks by…………


Until next time, Dinero out.

pawprint(image from with a paw print….y’all know I can’t hold a pen!