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The topic for Monday, November 7, 2010 is What Would Your Dream Home/apartment/condo/yurt look like? Where would it be? Who’d live in it with you?.
The more I think about the more I would like to have a condo because I think it combines the best parts of apartment living with the best parts of house living. I am not the type to fix things and I think that other than changing light bulbs and blinds I am not handy at all. Living in a condo would mean I have to pay someone to come over and fix things but when the heater or boiler go out I know I can just call the office and presto it will be fixed.

If money was not an object and I could have my dream home there are a few things I would like to have in it:
three bedrooms all with their own bathrooms
-nice open kitchen
-balconies on the top floor
-bay windows (I guess I watch too much HGTV)
-tile floors
-separate showers and tubs
-Toto toilets
-infinity pool (even though I don’t swim)
-laundry room (with space in the back yard where I could hang a clothesline)
-sexy Moen faucets
-awesome walk in closet
-media room

Oh the list goes on and on with things I would love to have. If my mother were still alive then I would also have a little guest house off to the side where she would live and it would have it’s own little kitchen and everything that she could possibly want. I would also have a large driveway so that all my friends could have ample parking when I throw parties and other functions.

I would obviously have my husband and child or children living with me…although if we had two children then I would want four bedrooms in the house. If I did not have that family then I would definitely want my best friend to live with me but the house would then be divided into two separate wings so we could each have our private space.

I want so many things that I would probably run out of ideas or the house would end up looking a bit crazy so I think I will stop there. What would your dream house look like?