In my quest to reduce clutter I am actively working on emptying items. I like want to rotate the items I use, but this results in many half empty containers.

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To better reduce clutter I am trying to only rotate between two of any product at any time. This means I will only have two body washes out or burn two candles at a time, etc.

I want to document my progress by posting the empty items on a biweekly basis.

Body care

Here are the body care items I have fully finished for the last two weeks.

Sugar scrub: Sweet Love.

This is a great sugar scrub that is not too harsh but still gets the job done.

body scrub pink


Here are the household items I have fully finished for the last two weeks.

Candle 1: Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte

This candle has a very light throw but the scent is quite delicious. I think I may get another if they go on sale.

candle Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte

Candle 2: White Sand Beaches.

This candle has a great throw and is very reminiscent of actually being on a beach.

candle White Sand Beaches

I think by focusing on really using up items until they are gone I am taking care of the clutter in my living space.