Most of the sick feeling has gone away so I am grateful for that. I just want to take some time out to say THANK YOU to all those who emailed me wishing that I would get better. I realize that I was being a baby about being sick but thanks for the words of encouragement.

Right now the two things that I am dealing with are the coughing and the resulting sore throat. Each time my throat starts to feel better I have a coughing fit and then it gets bad again. There is nothing like waking up tasting blood and realizing it is from coughing…..and then seeing your throat all red and raw!

I am just thankful I was able to pull through and only missed one day of school (although I missed two days of work). Some people may think that being home sick is fun because you get to stay in your pajamas and watch tv all day. Well you do get to do those things but you can’t really enjoy it when you have a fever of 102 and various muscle aches.

So while I did get to play a few video games yesterday that I have not played in a while I also remember being cranky all day because I could not sleep at night.