I got a free tetanus shot from work in just three easy steps. This was after an incident that occurred at work a  few days ago.

Step 1: Get scratched by a student

Step 2: File worker’s compensation

Step 3: Get tetanus shot

I work at an alternative school for students with behavior problems (and emotional disturbances). We got a new student in who is really, REALLY disturbed. She started acting up and I was called in as the Special Education representative to deal with her.

The student was slapping, kicking, trying to bite and scratching other teachers. When I tried to restrain her, she ended up digging her nails into my skin. She drew blood in two small scratches (she is a tiny, elementary school student) but I was told I needed to fill out the worker’s compensation forms.

So I got sent to the clinic where they looked at the scratches, disinfected them and covered them with fresh bandages and antibiotic ointment and gave me a tetanus shot.

I also got some bandaids and ointment to take home…and all of this was FREE!!!!

So if you are looking for a tetanus shot then you might want to go ahead and get scratched by a student. Just kidding! Be safe at work everyone….and Merry Christmas!