This year I will have most of the summer free because I have no courses due. I have taken all of the teacher training that I can for the year as well so apart from looking for a new job I really don’t have anything to do.

I have not taken a vacation in a long while and I have a bunch of money in the Splurge Fund so I have made a list of things that I would like to do this summer:
-Go to a water park
-Color and cut my hair professionally (hey my birthday is in the middle of summer)
-Houston carnival
-Go to Six Flags
-Go to Vegas
-Miami carnival
-Visit friends in New York

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Obviously I would not be able to tackle ALL of those dreams with the money in the Splurge Fund so I need to pick one or two based on a number of considerations.

I have already been to a water park and Six Flags in the past so I might put that off although it will be easy to get people to go those events with me. I have a friend who cuts very well and I have been coloring my own hair so I am sure I can use those two options to get my hair done and even if I pay my friend it will still be cheaper than paying a stylist.

I have been thinking about going to Houston carnival for a long time and some friends have been planning the trip so I guess that will be my one big splurge for the summer. I have always been working, taking classes, in workshops or some combination of those things when that time came around so I was not able to go in the past.

I will also have to think about which items I want to make a priority because I will be using money from the Splurge Fund but I do not want to totally deplete that fund because I know I will have more things to do before the year ends.