Today is the first of November and I am so glad the halloween madness is over. All day long yesterday people kept dropping by or calling to say ‘happy halloween’ in slightly crazy or creepy voices.

I don’t get it…..what is so happy about halloween? What is happy about skeletons and ghosts and bloody faces? And what is the deal with the pumpkins? What is so cute about carving all these grotesque faces into something we could use as food? I think that is just really creepy. Pumpkins are better suited for making soup now that it is geting cold than for use as an outdoor decoration. It is a waste of food anyway.

Speaking of food makes me think of the trick or treating that went on. All year long we teach young children not to take candy from strangers yet come October 31st we seem to throw caution out the window…where it lands next to the pumpkins on the ground. How can we be sure that all the kids get is just candy? While it is great to think of all our neighbors as great, loving, caring and safe people we have all heard the stories of the candy laced with stuff it should never contain.

I don’t even want to remember some of the ridiculous costumes I saw. They made me want to grab some people and shake them while yelling ‘What are you thinking?”

Personally I can’t wait for Christmas……but then again chacun a son gout!