I saw a number of people saying that the Google Bots have started crawling again and they are revising page rankings so you KNOW I dropped what I was doing and headed over to the Page Rank Checker to see what my ranking would be.

When this blog was at the old URL I had a Google page rank of 3 but since the move to this new domain I did not expect to have anything that high. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Google page rank checker ranked How I Save Money as a 4 out of 10. Hurray for me!

I was sooooooooooo excited about this that I decided to put up their little icon which shows the page rank on the page. I copied and pasted the code and refreshed the page but the icon is still showing 0. Now what’s up with that?

Anyway I am going to leave the icon up for a little while to see if it will change over the next few days. My other blog is ranked at a 3 right now so that also makes me very happy. The icon shows the correct rank on the other blog and I installed the code in the same way so I have no idea why it works there and not here. I followed the same steps as when I had this blog on the old domain so I am flummoxed (word of the day).

I wrote this a few days ago and had it in the queue to be posted and the icon was not working but today 4-30-07 I noticed that it has been updated.