Honey told me about Grand Central a loooooong time ago but I never got around to getting a number. Then today I saw that Google bought out Grand Central and was making it on an invitation only basis. I scrambled to get a number but had to rely on Honey to send me an invite so I could get a GC number.

Why Grand Central you ask? Well it could help you (and your friends and family) save money on telephone calls. Say you live in one city and it would be a long distance call for your loved ones to call you because they do not have a cell phone. Then you simply get a GC number that is local to the person and have them call that number instead. The GC connects to your cell phone (or land line) and you can either have the call go to voicemail or you can talk to whoever called you.

Honey moved out of town for a job and does not have a land line and his cell phone number is not local to the area he moved to. He is using his local GC number so that people he works with can call him without having to pay long distance fees because the call is local for them.

I will be using the number I got to screen out people…..hee hee. I will use it for those things you have to fill out and put a phone number. Then when the telemarketers call I will know it is them without even looking at the caller id because any calls that come through GC will have a special ring tone.