I was recently in a situation with Baz where he thought he caused an accident on the highway. Now I am not really sure what happened because I was too busy being scared out of my mind. I do know that I really hate tailgaters.

I had a long drive recently and I had my personal tailgater. This person was just determined to ride the bumper of my car all along the highway. We were in a bit of traffic that would run really slowly for a few minutes. At this point we could only just crawl along at about ten miles per hour.

At other times the traffic would break for a short while and the vehicles would move a little faster. I was in the middle lane of the three lane highway just so that I could have the flexibility to move to a different lane if I wanted.

My tailgater would not move into the left lane when a space opened up. He would not move into the right lane when a space opened up there either. He was so close to me that I could not see the front of his car in any of my mirrors. In fact, this person was so close to me that each time I applied my brakes his car would jerk hard because he had to slam on the brakes.

This guy….yes it was a GUY (and they say women cannot drive!!!!!!) was wrecking his brakes and his gas mileage to annoy me get by. Why he was doing this I have no idea because it is not like he could have passed since the traffic was so backed up. He could have, however, passed me and gotten into a more comfortable space for BOTH of us…..but he chose not to for some reason.